Guidelines for students and staff regarding COVID-19

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updated: 12.03.2020

In view of the new guidelines from the Ministry of Health, as of tomorrow, all events, ceremonies and courses above 100 people will take place virtually.


To our faculty

As mentioned in our last update, you are welcome to use one of the technological tools we've made available to you for this purpose. Please make sure to keep your students informed of how your class will be conducted. In exceptional cases, where it will not be possible to have this alternative ready by tomorrow morning, please inform your students that the class is postponed. In such a case, please use this time tomorrow to put everything in place for this coming Sunday.


We would like to remind you that we prepared digital guidelines with instructions for using the unicko platform, which we recommend strongly, or alternatively the zoom platform. In addition, the following helpdesks are available for you:



To our students

The courses taking place in classes of under 100 students, as well as all the other university activities, will continue as usual, unless you get a specific message regarding a specific event.


With regards to larger classes of over 100 students, as mentioned above, they will run virtually as of tomorrow. The instructor will issue a message to you with information about the way the class will run.


To our administrative staff

As always, the current challenge must be addressed through team work, together with the academic faculty. From the administrative heads of the faculties and departments, to the secretaries who will offer support in complicated situations, to computer help desks and Virtual TAU who will provide support via phone and email, and the libraries that will serve more than ever as the location for students to be able to study independently, these and all other TAU teams will play an important role. 


Whether teaching, conducting research, or engaged in other university activities, we all need to join forces to continue with a routine within Tel Aviv University.


We are in constant communication with the Student Union and the Faculty Association in order to organize everything needed as well as possible. 


With warm regards,

Tel Aviv University President, Director General, Rector

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