New post-doctoral scholarships

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Starting October of 2019 Tel Aviv University will award post-doctoral scholarships to young researchers.
20 January 2019

Tel Aviv University offers Post-Doctoral scholarships for one year from October 2019 for new Post-Docs who are at the beginning of their academic career.


The amount of the scholarship per year is about NIS 68,000. Half of the scholarship will be financed by the advisor and half by the university or by the Pikovsky Valazzi Fund.


The scholarship will be granted for one year.


University Scholarships:

The university will grant 20 scholarships on the basis of matching for new Post-Docs. Ten out of the 20 scholarships will be granted to Post-Docs from leading universities abroad.


Pikovsky Valazzi Scholarships:

The Pikovsky Valazzi fund will grant two scholarships on the basis of matching for new Post-Docs.


The scholarships will be offered for research in the fields of applied electronics, biotechnology, and applied physics, which should be suitable for application and use in science based industries.


The research will be conducted during a period of one year, under the supervision of a senior lecturer of TAU's academic staff. The fellow will not be considered a university employee, and will leave the research group at the end of the fellowship (an extention of the fellowship for an additional period will be possible only if funded by the supervisor).


Each supervisor may submit one candidate only.


Eligible to apply:

  • New fellows only, that by the deadline of the bid will be awarded the PhD degree, or have submitted their thesis and can provide authorization. Applicants who have yet to submit their thesis by the date of the deadline, shall submit all the documents by 17.04.2019 and provide authorization of the submission no later than 19.05.2019. Applications without proof of thesis submission will not be reviewed.
  • No more than five years have passed from the time the PhD has been approved and the beginning of the fellowship (October 2019).
  • Post-Docs at TAU that began their fellowship after April 1, 2019.


Not eligible to apply:

  • Tel Aviv University PhD graduates (unless they completed a post-doctoral fellowship elsewhere).
  • Tel Aviv University employees.


Supporting Documents (must be submitted in one hard copy to Research Students Office – Senate Building, room 215):

  • An authorization that the candidate is entitled to a PhD degree noting the date it was awarded, or an administrative authorization that the doctoral thesis was forwarded to the referees.
  • A letter from the head of the department (at Tel Aviv University).
  • A letter from the advisor (at Tel Aviv University), including a commitment to finance the matching scholarship
  • Three letters of recommendation (including a letter from the PhD supervisor/s and if possible, one from a University other than where the PhD was granted)
  • A short research proposal (1-2 pages)
  • A list of publications
  • Curriculum vitae
  • An application form



The application form and all the supporting documents must be received no later than April 17, 2019.


More details are available at the Post. Doc at TAU website.

Research Students Office: Tel. No.: 03-6408161


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